Amazing Hair Care Ideas for Ladies with Different Hair Types

We cannot deny the importance of having a shiny, and beautiful hair because it adds beauty and personality to ourselves. The main reason why our hair is suffering is that of stress and less self-care. With so many commitments, deadlines, and happenings in our lives, we forgot to take good care of our hair.

It is not enough to follow the simple shampoo regime with the same one every day, and tying your hair in a bun is not enough. Our hair deserves extra care. Proper hair care will depend on our hair type. So we need to use hair treatments, shampoos and the like according to our hair type to avoid bad hair day.

Hair Care Ideas for Women with Different Hair Types

Here are specific hair care suggestions for all types.

  • Straight Hair

Women with straight hair also need care and protection. The straight hair may look manageable, but they’re not. Women with straight hair have a natural oil from their scalp traveling down to the hair evenly. Thus, it causes the hair to look flat and greasy.

Steps in taking care of straight hair :

Shampoos that are salute-free is best for women with straight hair. It keeps the natural oil in control.

To prevent oiliness in the hair, you should shampoo it once in 2 to 3 days.

You must condition your hair often to keep your hair smooth and soft.

Coconut oil and jojoba in the conditioner is ideal for this hair type.

Apply the conditioner from the tip of your hair up to the roots. Never directly apply conditioner on your roots to avoid greasiness on the scalp.

How to style straight hair :

To add volume to your hair, add an ample amount of volumizing mousse to your damp hair before drying it.

If you want to have some texture to your hair, you can add texturizing spray to hold your hair tightly if you aim to have

  • Long Hair

Every woman desire to have long dark hair, but we know that it is difficult to sustain. We are giving away tips on how to properly care for that long hair you desire.

Steps in taking care of long hair :

To help maintain the length of your hair, you should have a regular trim cutting it half an inch is all you need.

To keep the balance of the oil in your hair, you should wash it with shampoo at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Use a cleansing conditioner all the time.

Never brush your hair roughly as it will lead to frizz and breakage. Utmost care is required.

How to Style your long hair :

You can go with any style that does not require any Adopt any method that does not stress your hair and won’t make it wrap tightly.

It is always best to wear your hair down with this type of hair. Add some clips and stones as accessories, and you’ll look classy and elegant.

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