Hairstyles That Will Look Stunning On Older Women

Getting older is not fun. You’ll have wrinkles all over your face and body, your metabolism will slow down, many health issues coming in, and that is not what you wish to have at that moment. Your hair will give you a reason to look young and attractive, regardless of your age. Despite your age, a beautiful, lively haircut is your freedom as a tough, sexy woman. Don’t think you should kiss your long hair goodbye or settle into the gray hairs taking over. We spoke with some of our favorite hairstylists about their tips for the most beautiful styles for their maturing clients.

1. Change it up

All of the stylists I talked with agreed that the key to a significant cut is confident enough to try something new. One of the quickest ways to look older is retaining the same haircut for decades. As the times and fashions change, don’t be afraid to modernize your look. Hairstylist Jenna Mast has witnessed clients age themselves by hanging onto the same method for way too long. She suggests talking with your stylist about how to update your look.