Top 18 Short Hair Cuts Ideas: Angled Bob, Shoulder Length, and Cute Curls Hairstyle


Almost every woman can wear cute short haircuts and angled bob is the most preferred and super easy cut that add dimension and glow to your looks. The secret is finding the right cute angled bob hairstyles that fit your face, body shape, hair texture, and personality. If you want to go a jaw-skimming (or shorter) cut, check this compilation of 18 short angle bob haircuts ideas to get you inspired when deciding to make the chop.

1. Angled Bob with Simple Flipped Bangs

Are you ready to have a cute, youthful makeover? Well, consider the angled bob with simply flipped bangs. This hairstyle looks wonderful for round face shape. With a little volume along the side, it downplays the roundness of the face leaving a lengthy haircut for a room of styling. Adding a touch of flip on the bangs makes you look more gorgeous and sexy.

2. A Sloppy Voluminous Curls

There are a bunch of ways you can go with when styling your curly hair. A sloppy voluminous curls haircuts show an increasing length of a different section of your hair which allows the curl to bounce around in their full glory. So, for a perfect casual look go for this messy and voluminous curls flirty, fun, haircut which is perfect for a summer look.

3. Glamorous Hollywood Curls

Whether you have a naturally curly hair or have it done you can achieve that “Hollywood curls” look and walk like a star. You can absolutely nail the wildly texturized curly hairstyle. This classy haircut will surely look great on a light blonde bob creating a stunning look. Great haircuts will definitely give you a “superstar looks.”